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Ehrenburg Palace

Red Reception Room and Gobelin Room


Picture: Red Reception Room Picture: Gobelin Room


The state and residential rooms on the second upper floor of the east wing begin with the Red Reception Room and the Gobelin Room. Like the Hall of Giants, both rooms still have particularly lavish Italian stucco-work and ceiling paintings from the Baroque era. They are otherwise decorated in the Neoclassical and Historicist styles of the 19th century. The family portraits in the Red Reception Room were produced in around 1840 in the atelier of the famous artist Franz Xaver Winterhalter. The tapestries in the Gobelin Room that Duke Ernst I acquired in 1817 are from the leading Paris tapestry manufactory of the 18th century. This so-called New India series was greatly valued at the time because of the fantastic exoticism of its subject matter.

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