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Rosenau Park


Picture: Rosenau Park

From 1808, at the same time as the palace was being rebuilt, Duke Ernst I (r. 1806-1844) started laying out a landscape park with numerous romantic elements popularized by the English.


Picture: Swan Pond

The pronounced natural contours of the land provide scenic variety, and there are many attractive views of the Itz valley from different parts of the park. Particular importance was attached to the forming of an inconspicuous transition between the landscaped area and the surrounding countryside.

The centre of the park itself is occupied by a spacious meadow valley with a lake at one end, known as the Swan Pond. Some of the original park architecture has been preserved.

Originally covering an area of 200 hectares, in addition to kitchen gardens and an aboretum the park had a pheasantry, a sheep farm and a dairy. The present park covers an area of 36 hectares.

Picture: Rosenau Park

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